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Affordable Learning at BPCC: E-Textbooks

Resources and information on Affordable Learning Louisiana and Open Educational Resources (OER).

Affordable Learning Louisiana

Through our Affordable Learning LOUISiana initiative, the Learning Commons provides access each semester to e-textbooks for select classes at BPCC.  Textbooks are listed alphabetically by Course ID. If you do not see your course textbook, try searching the Learning Commons Catalog or Contact Us.


 ECG Notes 

 Course: ALHT 112

 Author: Shirley Jones

 Publication Year: 2016


 Course: BLGY 202

 Author: Nina Parker

 Publication Year: 2016

The Art of Video Production

 Course: COMM 102

 Author: Leonard C. Shyles

 Publication Year: 2009

The Broadcast Century and Beyond

 Course: COMM 170

 Author: Robert L Hilliard, Michael C Keith

 Publication Year: 2012

After Effects Apprentice

 Course: COMM 239

 Author: Chris Meyer, Trish Meyer

 Publication Year: 2016

The MIDI Manual

 Course: COMM 297

 Author: David Miles Huber

 Publication Year: 2012

Louisiana : A History

 Course: HIST 203

 Author: Bennett H. Wall, Et al.

 Publication Year: 2014

Davis's Drug Guide for Nurses

 Course: NURS 212, 222, 223, 224, 225

 Author: April Hazard Vallerand

 Publication Year: 2017

Physical Rehabilitation

 Course: PTAP 204, 213, 214

 Author: Susan O'Sulivan, Et al.

 Publication Year: 2013

The Public Speaking Project

 Course: SPCH 110

 Author: Lisa Schreiber, Et al.

 Publication Year: 2011

Biology - 2e 

Course: BLGY 101

Authors: Mary Ann Clark, Et al.

Publication Year: 2018

 Anatomy & Physiology

 Course: BLGY 230, 231

 Author: J. Gordon Betts, Et al.

 Publication Year: 2013

Record Label Marketing

 Course: COMM 108

 Author: Clyde Philip Rolston, Et al.

 Publication Year: 2015

Motion Picture and Video Lighting

 Course: COMM 203

 Author: Blain Brown

 Publication Year: 2012

Mixing Engineer's Handbook

 Course: COMM 294

 Author: Bobby Owsinski

 Publication Year: 2013

Women's Studies: The Basics

 Course: ENGL 250

 Author: Bonnie G. Smith

 Publication Year: 2013

Calculating Drug Dosages

 Course: NURS 205

 Author: Sandra Luz Martinez DeCastillo, Maryanne Werner-McCullough

 Publication Year: 2016

Pedretti's Occupational Therapy

 Course: OCTA 206

 Author: Heidi McHugh Pendleton, Winifred Schultz-Krohn

 Publication Year: 2018

Therapeutic Modalities

 Course: PTAP 205

 Author: Chad Starkey

 Publication Year: 2013

Play Directing

 Course: THTR 131, 156

 Author: Francis Hodge, Michael McLain

 Publication Year: 2015

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