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Are you off campus?

Enter your LOLA username and 6 digit birth date (MMDDYY) to gain access to BPCC databases. 

Click on the "Off Campus Access Instructions" tab of this guide or click on the PDF document below for more details. 

Everything EBSCO! Using EBSCOhost Databases

Searching EBSCO Databases on the EBSCOhost platform

EBSCOhost is a highly popular search interface platform used by many four-year universities, graduate schools, and now community colleges. It is designed to power a vast amount of databases where the researcher can search for scholarly sources. You can search one database that is powered by EBSCOhost, or you can search multiple databases simultaneously. It's also user-friendly! All EBSCOhost databases hold similar search and advanced search options. Once you learn one EBSCOhost database, you will have a greater aptitude to master them all! 

For a list of the databases powered by EBSCOhost offered by BPCC Learning Commons, click on EBSCOhost Database List.

The following video tutorials below are provided by EBSCO Support Services. Click on EBSCOhost Research Database Tutorials to find more videos!