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Current Events (ENGL 101): Databases (Journal Articles)

CQ Researcher Video Tutorial

CQ Researcher provides original, comprehensive reporting and analysis on issues in the news. Offers in-depth, unbiased coverage of political and social issues. Each report is a unique work, investigated and written by a seasoned journalist, professionally fact-checked, and footnoted (references) to facilitate further research. For answers to frequently asked questions, refer to the CQ Researcher FAQs page.

The following video tutorial below is provided by CQ Press by SAGE Publishing.

Remote Access Instructions

Remote Access to the Databases, Online Catalog and eBooks from the BPCC Library Webpage

Note: New student’s accounts may not be active on the first few days of classes. If new students need to access the databases from off campus before that time, they may contact the BPCC Library at 678-6275.

How to Access the Databases Remotely (Off-Campus)

  1. Open your browser and go to the BPCC Library website:
  2. On the Library’s webpage, hover the cursor over “Databases” link (left side of page).
  3. Select your search method: Alpha by Title, by Subject, by Vendor.
  4. If you are logging in from off-campus, your User ID is LoLA User Name. Your PIN is you 6 digit birth date formatted mmddyy.   
  5. More information available at:

BPCC Library Online Catalog

Use the BPCC Library Online Catalog to search for items in the BPCC Library. A search box for the Online Catalog is available on the library homepage There is no need to login when searching the catalog. If you wish to view your Library account, click on My Account and login. Your user ID is your LoLA UserName Your PIN is your 6 digit birthday. The My Account feature allows you to view due dates on items you have checked out and to place holds on needed items.

Steps to Find, View & Print eBooks

  1. Open the Library’s Online Catalog.
  2. Click on the eBooks search to search for specific titles, subjects of all EBooks.
  3. In the full view of the record (click on the Details button), click on the link (URL) in the WEB field.
  4. When the window containing the eBook opens, click on the “e-Book Full Text” link.
  5. To Print a Page, view a page and then print it using the print button. You may also highlight a section to print.
  6. Only one person can view an eBook simultaneously.


Note: You cannot print the entire eBook due to copyright restrictions.

Everything EBSCO! Using EBSCOhost Databases

Searching EBSCO Databases on the EBSCOhost platform

EBSCOhost is a highly popular search interface platform used by many four-year universities, graduate schools, and now community colleges. It is designed to power a vast amount of databases where the researcher can search for scholarly sources. You can search one database that is powered by EBSCOhost, or you can search multiple databases simultaneously. It's also user-friendly! All EBSCOhost databases hold similar search and advanced search options. Once you learn one EBSCOhost database, you will have a greater aptitude to master them all! 

For a list of the databases powered by EBSCOhost offered by BPCC Learning Commons, click on EBSCOhost Database List.

The following video tutorials below are provided by EBSCO Support Services. Click on EBSCOhost Research Database Tutorials to find more videos!